CS3STHLM Newsletter September

The CS3STHLM summit is just a bit over a month away. Today we have speakers from many corners of the earth, and we have already attendees from most continents!

We will be at the beutiful venue Nalen in central Stockholm again.

Speakers and presentations

We will have presentations on various topics, including:

  • how security impact safety
  • how to sucessfully roll out cyber security policies at multinational corporations

  • Security (or the lack thereof) in IoT

  • First hand accounts of the ongoing Ukraine cyber attacks

  • New, secure, protocols for SCADA/ICS

  • Lessons learned from handling an enourmous APT at a critical infrastructure provider
  • Learn about tricks and defense in Social Engineering

As always we will have a mix of attack and defence stances, between technology and policy level, between theory and real-dirt-under-your-nails practise. We will continue the tradition from 4SICS to use multiple stages, and presentations will be done in different formats – a main stage, a TV studio setup for more intimate atmosphere and dialogues, and an impromptu stage in GeekLounge for improvised presentations (lightning talks, work in progress presentations, etc).

View speaker info here - /speakers

View info on presentations here - /presentations


We are fortunate to have three excellent pre-conference trainings/tutorials:

Tickets for all different workshops are available now. Please remember that one workshop is 2 day and the others are 1 day. If you select the 2 day workshop, make sure that you arrive and can start monday morning!

Security lab: ICS and IoT

This year we will have a larger and more professional ICS security lab in place. Besides the number of equipment available, we will also help interested attendees to better play with it at their level of knowledge.
Beginners will find help to do basic probeing and pokeing at exotic devices. Intermediates will be able to do more advanced experiments with bugs. Experts will be able to participate in winning prices if they
submit newly found vulnerabilities to the CERT representatives at the conference.

This year we will also introduce an IoT security lab where people can play around with SOHO equipment, lightbulbs with IP addresses, embedded devices, etc.

Practical things

We still have rooms left in the block with discounts that we negotiated with the hotel closest to the venue. We want to inform you that rooms are going quickly and the cut-of-date for when the discount is no longer
available is less than two weeks away. Dont miss out on having this!

Info on venue, dates, airports, subways, hotels, etc can be found at the info web here:

Historic presentations

To get a taste of what the summit is, you can find old presentations from 2015 and 2016 on youtube/cs3sthlm

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