CS3STHLM Newsletter September

CS3sthlm Expo on 23rd Oct

On the 23rd, we will have an Expo at our venue Nalen. Partners will display the latest cyber security solutions and services. We will have a full lineup of speakers during the Expo day on the Harlem stage. Get the agenda for the day here /expo

Free registration here: https://cs3sthlmexpo.eventbrite.com/

Info on Expo partners and new CS3sthlm partners, shown further down!

Technical Training

This year we will offer six different trainings, to have something for all our participants. Some are technical deep dives, some are more theoretical or policy oriented. Here is some short info on the trainings:

  • Learn why honeypots should be part of your toolbox to detect anomalies in your ICS network by taking Mikael Vingaards ICS honeypot class. This is a very hands-on class. Read an interview with Mike here: /blog/mikael-vingaard
  • The Network ForensICS class is given for the 3rd time. Always sold out. Packed with network level examinations and protocol analysis, and you need to bring your computer.
  • The ISO/IEC 27019 training can be very useful for those interested in policy level work for the oil/gas industry or electrical utility industry. Read an interview with Dr Beirer here 
  • The ICS Pentest is a hand-on class where you will learn to find errors and vulnerabilities in a ICS system. To add something little extra, the class also includes a capture-the-flag competition between the attendees.
  • ICS Strategic planning and war gaming is given by Joe Slowik of Dragos Inc to help you become better at defending your ICS systems.
  • Ben and Daniel from Dragos will get you started with threat hunting in your ICS environment

See all trainings here: /trainings

More Speakers

We are more or less ready with the lineup for this year with close to 30 presenters. We have experts from all over the world, giving presentations in as diverse areas such as Cyber attacks against cars, lessons from incidents and attacks, writing a adding malware into blockchain solutions. See all speakers here /speakers

ICS Security Lab

We will continue the success with the ICS security lab from previous years. Attendees will have opportunities to try out various ICS equipment, cyber security protection mechanisms, and to see demonstrations of attacks. More info on the lab here /ics-lab

Hotel Discount

Please take note - hotel Elite Stockholm Plaza will only hold the reserved block of rooms for CS3sthlm until the 21st of september. If you have not already booked your hotel room, now is the time! Use this link https://www.elite.se/en/conference-reservations/stockholm/e1a64817-7910-4517-bff8-d94ea2e28ed5/ea79fd04-097f-47bc-a55f-5e12e8c5868a/

New Partners

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