Advenica announces new collaboration with CS3STHLM

The 4th edition of the top international summit on SCADA/ICS and critical infrastructure includes a seminar called ’Effective threat mitigation strategies’ hosted by Advenica. The company is providing new ways in cyber security, protecting critical infrastructures with innovative solutions.

One of the founders of CS3STHLM, Robert Malmgren, expresses excitement over the collaboration;

” This fits perfectly with our profile and we are looking forward to learn about Advenica’s new security solutions.”

Advenica elaborates

”Last years have presented an increasing number of bumps in the road for cyber security defenders. The vast number of different attack vectors and the explosion in number of malware variants has made yesterday’s cyber defense strategies obsolete. The goal of cyber security is to ensure robust operation of the defended system – not to find as many pieces of malware as possible. Yesterday’s strategy is efficient at finding malware – but fail in ensuring robust operation”.

CS3STHLM is an international summit that focus entirely on cyber security protection of SCADA/ICS and critical infrastructure. CS3STHLM attracts about 250-300 people from around the world to meet, network and gain knowledge. CS3STHLM takes place October 23-26 at the venue Nalen in central Stockholm.