Red Teams view from the exercise

The focus of Locked Shields exercises is to train the Blue Teams. Therefore, Red Team members are mainly considered as the ‘work-force’ to challenge the Blue Teams. In principle, the RT uses a white-box approach at first, but the situation changes quickly after the exercise starts.

The main challenge for RT in Locked Shields context is to compile a large proficient team to “entertain” all Blue Teams as equally as possible, yet to be able to handle the collaboration overhead and handover procedures. To ensure equal distribution of applied skills, the RT collaborates as one, however, it is divided into sub-teams and competence groups. Collaboration is crucial to overcome problems with fluidity and continuity of attack campaigns (e.g. in-depth penetration objectives and persistence within compromised networks instead of opportunistic jabs)

Sandra will explain the keys of the Red Team Campaign in order to make the life complicated to Blue Teamers.

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