Memory Forensics and DMA Attacks with MemProcFS and PCILeech

The PCILeech direct memory access attack toolkit was released three years ago and quickly became popular amongst red teamers, governments and game cheaters alike. We will demonstrate how to take total control of up-to-date still vulnerable systems with PCIe DMA code injection using affordable FPGA hardware and the open source PCILeech direct memory access attack toolkit.

MemProcFS - The Memory Process File System is memory forensics made super easy! Analyze memory by clicking on files in a virtual file system or by using the C/C++/Python API. Analyze memory dump files by point and click, analyze and edit live memory acquired using PCILeech PCIe FPGA devices or even live memory acquired in real time from remote hosts over the network. Zero-cost, open source, fast and super-easy to use memory forensics!

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