CS3STHLM 2019-2020

This page contains information which is not active and is tied to past events.

Summit Presentations

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Recent Changes

  • 21 October 2020Ken Munro will not be presenting their "Smarter Shipping. Hacking floating ICS for fun and profit". Andrew Tierney will instead present this presentation.

Reverse Engineering Siemens PLCs: Lessons Learned for Today and Tomorrow

Ali Abbasi

Stop Protecting Information

Andrew Ginter

Smarter Shipping. Hacking floating ICS for fun and profit

Andrew Tierney

Operational Integrity: Safeguarding Your OT Systems With Cyber AI

Andrew Tsonchev

ACME Windpharms – It can’t be ‘smart’ if you lack simple security

Colin Cassidy

Ransomware? Please Hold for The Next Available Agent

Daniel Kapellmann Zafra

Hidden Attack Surfaces of Modern Industrial Automation Systems

Federico Maggi

Application of RAMS methodologies in OT Security

Ignacio Moreno Canadas

Conning Corona- on deception, scams and social engineering in a pandemic.

Jenny Radcliffe

So You Want to Take Down the Electric Grid - or You Want to Defend It

Joe Slowik

Bug hunting in cloud connected ICS devices: Getting root from the cloud

Kelly Leuschner

How to create a risk-based future-proof zone model

Kristina Blomqvist Jonas Edberg

Hacking Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) – an attacker’s perspective on Distribution System Operator (in)security

Krzysztof Swaczyński

Pressing the big red button – on Incident Response Readiness in the Oil and Gas Sector

Marie Moe Jan Tore Sørensen

A Practical Way to Test OT Security Mechanisms in Real-life Scenarios

Matan Dobrushin Idan Helzer

Future of Ransomware

Michael Firstenberg

DevSecOps in ICS over data diode

Michal Paulski

Detecting and Tracking RATs in the Energy Sector

Nour Fateen

The sustainability of safety and security

Ross Anderson

Threat modeling and attack simulations for enterprise and ICS

Simon Hacks Wenjun Xiong

Fake Company, Fake Factory but Real Attacks: Stories of a Realistic, High Interaction ICS Honeypot.

Stephen Hilt

Application of RAMS methodologies in OT Security

Wissam Al-Nasairi