2019 Releases of Recordings

We are working with releasing recordings from the 2019 conference. They are added to the youtube channel as they gets finished (edited, mixed), and after we receive the OK from the presenter. Videos are available at the following URL https://www.youtube.com/cs3sthlm

We have gotten some questions about the keynotes: Andy Greenberg and Norsk Hydro Ransomware attack. The Hydro Ransomware attack was presented with the condition that it would not be recorded and published. So if you attended the conference you got an exclusive brefing which others will miss. We agreed with Andy Greenberg to delay his Sandworm keynote, since he is currently on a book tour. The recording of the Sandworm keynote will be released later this year.

We will also add a movie archive at the cs3sthlm home page, from where one can reach all recordings from previous cs3sthlm conferences. We will announce it via another blog post when that work is finished!