CS3STHLM 2020 Theme Smarter!

We have chosen Smarter! as the theme for the 2020 conference.

There are many reasons for this selection: “Smart” is used to describe many current things in the cyber industry – such as “SmartGrid”, “Smart Meters”, “Smart Cities” and “smart vehicles”. Smarter is also what the adversaries have become, finding more exotic vulnerabilities, and launching attacks built with increasing domain knowledge and sophistication. We, as people working in this profession, must be smarter, and we must design and implement smarter methods, tactics and solutions to be able to detect and protect against these attacks.

 At the same time, we cannot forget that we live in a complicated world where “stupid” still is a highly viable option: “Admin/admin” is still used as login combinations! End-of-life firewalls are still in use! Old bugs are forever days as updates are not done! And separation of sensitive infrastructure from the rest of the business is still not done!

We anticipate submissions from speaker candidates that will be describing new and smart solutions. We also expect presentations that analyses, or describes different attacks, on the stupid, on the broken, or even the smart.

 No matter the mix of “smarter” or ”stupid” in presentations, trainings and hallway tracks, we know that all participants will be leaving CS3STHLM 2020 Smarter!